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CBCM is a E.F.K FRENCH KITESURF SCHOOL (FFVL No. 14953), based in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, Spain and St Cyprien France .We offer the best service for your next holiday sports KITESURF , STAND UP PADDLE, SURF, WINDSURF or SAILING SCHOOL.


Our school is affiliated FFVL (French Federation of Free Flight) labeled EFK (Kite French Schools) guarantees:

  • A suitable site,
  • An organized welcome
  • A qualified coaching
  • Differentiated instruction,
  • An assessment of your skills,
  • Kites in perfect condition to fly,
  • Appropriate safety devices,
  • Training to acquire autonomy.
  • Open Water Coaching / Accompanied by a safety boat

Mandatory: The FFVL license and a medical certificate authorizing the practice of Kitesurf issued by a doctor.

All equipment is provided (helmet, harness, vest, Kite, board, etc …) The wetsuit is paid and adapted to the season

– Monitor graduate of State ( French : BEES Sailing &  BPEJEPS Kitesurf  )

Passion for the ocean, surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing, we are in Fuerteventura during the winter and would be delighted to welcome you to this island and to share with you all her wealth.

Fuerteventura offers an extravagant landscape with light of a rare intensity: turquoise waters, white sandy beach, orange-red or purple mountains, ocher Saharan dunes and cliffs overlooking the ocean. Here you are in the « mecca » of Surfing, Kitesurf, windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle! The North Shore of Fuerteventura, is part of the mapping of hot spots on the planet Surf & action sports. You can enjoy beautiful weather year round in this paradise of surf at 3h or 4h only by plane from major European cities including Paris, Barcelona, London, Rome…




KITEBOARDING  TRAINING Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) Beginner to Pro “Zero to Hero”

Technical level: Open to all physical intensity

  • Discovery Session 105 € 
  • Ground Control : 3 H ( Beach)
  • book-now


  • Water Discovery courses 235 € 
  • Ground Control : 3 H ( Beach) + Water Time 3 H (Water )
  • book-now


  • initiation course 365 € 
  • Ground Control : 3 H ( Beach) + Water Time 3 H (Water )+ Water Start 3 H ( Water)
  • book-now


  • Autonomy Program 625 € 
  • Ground Control : 3 H ( Beach )+ Water Time 3H ( Water ) + Water Time 3H ( Water )+ Water Start 3 H ( Water )+ Board Rider 3 H ( Water
  • book-now


Our CBCM Lesson Program breaks this syllabus down into 5 sessions of 3 H segments, to achieve autonomy with a max student/coach ratio of 4/1.

  • Kitesurf  Intermediate / Advanced    130 €
  • Board Rider 3 H ( Water )
  • book-now


SURFKITE “Strap Less” with Fadi ISAA

Learn how to surf with a kite or just fine tune your surf-kite skills with Fadi.





Sup Sup Fitness

  • 50 € / 2h Stand up Paddle Découverte
  • book-now
  • 70 € / 2h Stand up paddle Fitness 
  • 80 € / 1 Day Stand up Paddle Exploration
  • 120 € / Half Day Stand up Paddle + Catamaran Sailing



Surf girl Surf

  • 50 € / 1 day Beginner 3H30
  • Surf 5 Days 
  • book-now


  • 70 € / 2H Waterstart / Jibe 
  • book-now


  • Discovery Session 60 € / 30 minutes ( beginners or advanced riders )
  • book-now
SAILING with J 80

Sailing J80 Sailing J80

  • Sailing school with J80 :
  • 2 H : 35€ minimum 2 pers / Stage 6 Days 210 € / Groupe 2 H : 175 € ( boat)
  • 6 H : 90€ minimum 2 pers / Stage 6 Days 540 € / Groupe 6 H : 450€ ( Boat)

Catamaran Sailing

CBCM SAILING SCHOOL “The sailing experience”  

We propose to teach you how to sail a cruising boat.To learn to sail while cruising is to learn to sail and maneuver and accumulate experience using some notions of basic theory.

CBCM SAILING SCHOOL – personnalised to your wishes.
Each Sailing training is a custom cruise, an estimate is sent to you before booking.

From 1 to 7 days with 6 to 8 people minimum. ( Optional : Kitesurf, Windsurf, Surf, Stand up, Wakeboard )

  • 240 € per person per day 
  • 120 € per person per Half day 

Passion for the ocean, surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing, we are in Fuerteventura during the winter and would be delighted to welcome you to this island and to share with you all her wealth.


Training Camps in Fuerteventura Kiteboarding / Surfing / Stand up paddle surfing

KitesurfSurf girlSup

Depending on conditions, we suggest you kiting, surfing or doing stand up paddle. Boardsports camps in which your instructor will guide you through the practice of sports. In a spirit club, we support you depending on weather conditions, Kitesurf if there is wind, Surfing on windless days, or Stand up paddle for physical training. Possibility to rent a sailing catamaran or speed boat to visit the island of Lobos, marine reserve, make wakeboard, or a kite downwind or stand up






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